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 Solids Passing Vortex Grinder Progressive Cavity Vertical Column Quick Removal Base ELL FM Hazardous Location

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 NEMA 1 Steel NEMA 3R NEMA 4X Fiberglass NEMA 4X Stainless SteelOther:

 Dead Front Full Inner Door Upgrade Operators

 Buzzer Bell Remote HW Alarm

 Non Mercury Floats Pedestal Alternator Switch Pedestal Standby Switch

Fiberglass Basin Data


Inlet Size

 Anti Float Flange Valve Box Discharge Trough Wall Discharge Trough Cover CL Inlet Hub Flexible Inlet Gasket Simplex Studs Duplex Studs Lifting Kings Float Bracket Junction Box Pre Piped PVC Pre Piped DI Pipe Pre Piped S.S. Pipe

Cover Data

 Round Square

 Steel Aluminum Cast Iron

 H2O Load Rated Solid

 Access Hatch Frogs Mouth Trash Basket Access


 Trash Basket Bar Screen w/ Ladder Safety Extension Hoist Grinder/Comminutor

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keen2We provide full service assistance to our customers from specification to final commissioning and testing. Our in-house sales team can assist you in selecting the correct equipment based on site conditions and engineering requirements. Our factory authorized in-house service department can assist in all phases of construction related placement,layout and erection of most prefabricated Waste Transfer Pump Stations, followed by performing all commissioning and testing requirements. All services are performed by factory authorized personnel in-house thus eliminating long lead service dates caused by coordinating multiple representative agencies. We provide sole source responsibility resulting in superior warranty validation.


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